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  • Language Policy of the Andras Peto College 2016/2017

Language Policy of the András Pető College 2016/2017

The students often have language exams on intermediate or upper intermediate level by the time of enrolling/admission.   
From the point of view of the internationalization of the College our students are encouraged to continue learning languages and develop their professional language skills as well and prepare themselves for international mobility.  The language teachers of the Foreign Language Team of the Human Science Institute of the College are responsible for the language support of the students and the lecturers of incoming and outgoing mobility.  
Our College takes different actions for language support for outgoing mobility:  Optional, general language courses are provided for the students to improve their communication skills in English, French, German and Russian.  Optional, professional language courses are provided in English and German, which enables the students to learn new expressions related to our profession.  Students are planning to participate in outgoing mobility are encouraged to check their language level and skills on the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support before and after mobility.  
In case an outgoing student will choose a course but uncertain about his/her vocabulary, needed for that subject, our language teachers will support their development within the HEI. Lecturers, based on their request will be supported by the language teachers of the College.  Our Library will also support language and communication development by providing language books or other learning materials (vocabulary, grammar and communication) for different levels. Subject related literature for further development of professional language are also available.   The College encourages the students and the staff to get and keep contact with other students and professionals of the chosen HEI before and after mobility. During the education, literature in foreign languages are recommended as well to maintaining or even improving professional language skills.