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  • Erasmus Policy Statement of the Andras Peto College

Erasmus Policy Statement of the András Pető College

The András Pető College is a small HEI acting in a very special area. It trains conductors, the professionals of conductive education, currently at BA level. The language of instruction is Hungarian but in partial training programmes and courses lectures are delivered and activities pursued in English. A third specialization programme and education at MA level in English will soon be launched. That will increase our opportunities in the area of international education. The second education programme provided currently is pedagogy which is delivered in Hungarian.
The main activity of the College is instruction and training. The promotion of research activity is in progress. When selecting partners the College seeks primarily professional partners in accordance with our education and activities for professional cooperation. For the sake of academic development we also aspire to find partners acting in the education of sister professions and pursuing scientific activities related thereto. Such activities include the education of professionals providing support for persons with disabilities, professionals developing strategies to overcome learning difficulties. When establishing contacts, institutions training professionals to develop children and adults with special educational needs as well as those to support the progress of children following the typical course of development will be preferred. Involvement or initiation of research into similar subjects are also important strategic elements for the sake of advancing our research activity. We are already in contact with several European HEIs in order to prepare the realisation of student and staff mobility. We also initiate contact with several HEIs in North America and are in the process of seeking partners in Asia as well. At present we are preparing participation in a grant programme for education in collaboration.  A further aim of the College is to implement joint education programmes at BA level. At present our own MA level education is in the preparatory, pre-launch phase, however, there are already attempts for the sake of cooperation at that level currently with European, later on with more remote HEIs in the education of professionals working with persons with special educational needs. 
For the time being our College does not offer programmes for doctoral studies, thus the support we can offer our staff is participation in research in accordance with their scientific interests and assistance in finding appropriate partners. Our College has started to enter into cooperation agreements for realising professional practicums with European institutions, later on with institutions and enterprises in more remote parts of the world. Also in this area institutions providing conductive educational or rehabilitative development activities are our possible partners. It is essential that we offer opportunities for a professional practicum for students of pedagogy, physical education, teaching or rehabilitation. We would like to create staff mobility opportunities for faculty from sister professions to act as lecturers in our education programmes. We are also planning to participate in research related to the development of persons with motor disabilities originating from damage to the central nervous system. In respect of geography our College has no restrictions.
At the beginning a more intensive advancement of European contacts is expected but we also continue activities towards other continents. In compliance with the College’s development plan we are in the process of increasing the number of students. That is supported by the Erasmus+ programme as well. We intend to facilitate the process also by accepting participants of student and teaching staff mobility. During incoming mobility opportunities of professional practice and English language courses will be provided. During staff mobility our faculty may participate in mobility in respect of conductive education and with research related thereto as well as in subjects related to their special fields. By accepting incoming staff mobility the College intends to enhance students’ professional points of view and thinking as well as to improve their professional foreign language skills. Through incoming faculty mobility the College wants to support its teaching staff in developing professional connections as well as in developing joint research where possible and in advancing professional academic cooperation. Our College has started to join European and other international professional and higher education organisations, thereby creating opportunities for increasing professional collaboration. Our College participates in Hungarian higher education scholarship programmes which may motivate international students to participate in the education. Our students are continuously motivated to participate in international scholarship programmes so that they can enhance their knowledge in foreign HEIs and to prepare them for participation in foreign language cooperation and research projects at a later stage.